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Business Startup and Formation

The process of starting a business can be daunting! Once you’ve formulated a business idea and know how to fund your new venture, the next steps can be confusing in regard to tax classification and regulatory requirements. We’ll help you do everything from setting up your business structure, finding the appropriate tax classification and filing all statutory required paperwork and license applications. Our knowledgeable staff at Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions is dedicated to alleviating worry and confusion, making the process of small business setup and formation less intimidating.

General Bookkeeping

A requirement for any successful business is accurate bookkeeping ..... but it can be complicated and time consuming. Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions not only helps with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping but also uses cloud based applications, or on premises based applications, to free up your time and focus for your core business activities. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience implementing remote bookkeeping software like QuickBooks Online and Xero to streamline the bookkeeping process. This leverages financial applications allowing more efficient data entry. Call us today for a free initial consultation and Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions will help you start working “on” your business instead of “in” your business.

Chart of Accounts Setup and Management

An essential part of managing a profitable company starts with the Chart of Accounts. The processes and reporting at year-end can be a nightmare, but doesn’t have to be with an accurate detailing of transactions know as a chart of accounts. The main benefit of having a chart of accounts specifically designed for your business is that it provides precise information for financial statement preparation and managerial reports. When making financial decisions for your business; such as capital investments, financing decisions or dividend payments to shareholders, the accuracy of this information is vital. Contact Mallan Bookkeeping & Financial Solutions to assist in this process, we have the time, expertise, and experience to make the process go smoothly!

POS to Bookeeping Integrations

Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions focus on integration of various applications for QuickBooks and Xero professionals to formulate automation of various bookkeeping activities. One such integration is linking your QuickBooks or Xero software to a Point of Sale infrastructure or POS; choosing to implement a POS that integrates with your chosen bookkeeping software will ultimately save you both time and money. We have a proven track record integrating the QuickBooks POS, Square POS, Revel POS along with other to make your point of sale smooth and carefree.

Full Service Payroll/HR & Personnel Enablement

As businesses grow, the complexity and variables involved with payroll functions grow as well; this can become expensive and time-consuming. Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions can help relieve the administrative demands associated with this growth! We offer full service payroll, regulatory tax and state payroll reporting, year-end 1099 and W-2 preparation, and W-4 and W-9 maintenance. Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions can also help businesses offer direct deposit, 401k vehicles and medical insurance vehicles through integrated technological applications; giving businesses a competitive edge in procuring and retaining the talented employees that run your business and surpass your competitors in your market.

Happy Customer Portfolio

Here are some testimonials from a sampling of our diverse group of happy customers. If you like what you read here call us at -> 903-705-6337

Jerger Electric

Full service electric contracting since 1954.

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Exceptional quality Tattoo art and unique piercing.


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The Hernando de Soto Fermenting Company

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During Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions' history we've made some significant growth milestones. Here are just a few to help you understand our story.

  • 2009

    Our Humble Beginnings

    In the beginning, when we started this bookkeeping and financial solutions practice, we had no idea how to market and solicit business. We began by helping clients, gained through referrals from family and friends, setup their businesses and structure their bookkeeping to ensure accurate financials when tax filing time came. Once we had proven to ourselves that our services were needed and obtained new clients, we found we needed additional employees to help with all of the additional work. There was nothing but blue skies ahead for us!

  • March 2011

    A Bookkeeping Agency is Born

    Our first clients came by word of mouth; more than half of the potential customers we approached about our value proposition either knew someone looking for a bookkeeper or needed a bookkeeper themselves. Small to medium sized businesses were the target market we desired to reach in our area. After reviewing requests from our clients, we also found a niche market for a well-organized business formation and startup structuring service. We learned the process and then offered the market a consolidated package getting new businesses formed with a legal entity structure and getting their chart of accounts formed and prepared for their operation. We knew our attention to detail was exactly what the market wanted and what our customers needed for their success!

  • June 2012

    Transition to Full Service Bookkeeping, Tax Prep with Financial Solutions and Supporting Business Systems Integrations

    Are you looking for a point of sale solution that easily integrates with QuickBooks or Xero? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are QuickBooks and Xero professionals and we have been integrating point of sale solutions with QuickBooks since Late 2012. Selecting the correct POS for your business needs can have major advantages; choosing a POS that integrates with QuickBooks or Xero will ultimately save you both time and money. Many of the POS systems today offer basic and built-in bookkeeping functions; an issue can arise as your business expands, it’s vital to invest in software that can accommodate this growth and expand with your business. Keeping accurate books and related tax information is obviously important for all businesses, but it is especially crucial when growth occurs and budgeting and forecasting become necessary for financial planning. Directly integrating POS, accounts receivable and vendor payment functions in QuickBooks or Xero has allowed our clients’ businesses to more acutely focus on their core competency and leave the related bookkeeping function to the pros here at Mallan bookkeeping and Financial Solutions! We partner with, are value added resellers of, and are skilled integrators of RevelPOS, SquarePOS and QuickBooks' own POS solution to guarantee we meet our customers’ point of sale unique needs. Currently we are becoming certified with Xero to offer additional options to our customers.

  • July 2014 Through Today

    Phase Two Expansion with Business Liability Reduction Tools and Competitive Labor Capture Tools

    One of the BEST business Liability reduction tools a going concern can have is a healthy benefits package capability offered to their employees. This allows a business to attract high quality labor resources and retain them as loyal employees. To help our customers with this one of the solutions we offer is Square’s direct deposit solution for streamlined employee salary or hourly income payment. As a larger and more integrated solution we are partnered with PayChex. Via our partnership with Paychex we can integrate employee direct deposit, a health insurance vehicle for your employees and their families and a 401k vehicle for your employees. With the PayChex solution our customers can choose if and how much they might want to participate in the cost of the retirement and insurance solution for their employees. Via these solutions our service to our customers greatly reduces their labor pool availability and labor pool quality risk and enables them to keep their staff constant and happy.

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Our Amazing Leadership Team

Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions is full of highly intelligent, motivated people who care about getting positive results for our clients. Our team cares most about the relationships we build and the success we enable for our clients. Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions' people truly are a valuable extension of our clients' teams. As a result, our people are a primary reason our clients would recommend Mallan Bookkeeping and Financial Solutions to others.

Stephanie Thompson

Company Founder and Lead Associate

Stanley Eastman

Chief Information Officer and Lead Customer Systems Integrator

Danya Williamson

Market Development Leader

Our "one team" approach eliminates silos and helps us engage effectively from the C-suite to the front line. Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverse opinions and workstyles. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun and we make their business successful.

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